Car theory course

One-day theory course

Do you want to have your theory certificate in your hands quickly? Register immediately for our one-day theory course. Be optimally prepared for the CBR exam in no time to pass in one go.

One-day theory course
On the course day we will cover all relevant topics that you need to know in order to pass the CBR theory exam. The theory exam consists of 3 parts:
1. Hazard perception – deals with recognizing hazards and what to do in a situation

2. Knowledge – here you show that you can recognize and name facts and rules

3. Insight – here you show that you can apply rules and make correct decisions.

We give theory course so that you have the rules and knowledge about traffic for now and future.

We don’t teach you tricks to pass the theory exam. But we teach you everything about the theory, so you can succeed and also useful during the practical lessons / exam and of course also for the future. Because we notice that some students have passed theory but they don’t know the traffic rules or signs.

During the course there are enough breaks to recharge yourself and start the next part in good spirits. We conclude the lessons with CBR exam questions. In this way you are well prepared for what you can expect during your CBR exam and you will not be faced with any surprises during the exam.

The day training course usually starts at 9:00 am and lasts about 8 hours. The lessons can be followed in both Dutch and English.

For students who do not take classes with DRIVE2PASS, the costs for a theory course are € 80

Drive2pass always works with the latest theory material.
The theory course on 1 day on Saturday from 09:00 to 17:00. The Saturday theory course includes lunch.

During the theory course you use your smartphone or tablet to take the practice tests. We recommend that you charge the device properly or take the charger with you.

It is better to choose a course date first and then book your theory exam on MYCBR. Or you can also authorize us on MYCBR to reserve the theory exam for you, the driving school number is: 1536X9.

It is no longer possible for driving schools to arrange/book the exam for a group.

The dates for the next theory courses are:

• 20/01/2024(English)
• 10/02/2024(NL)
• 16/03/2024(English)
• 20/04/2024(NL)
• 18/05/2024(English)
• 22/06/2024(NL)
• 20/07/2024(English)
• 10/08/2024(NL)
• 21/09/2024(English)
• 19/10/2024(NL)
• 16/11/2024(English)
• 14/12/2024(NL)

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Types of theory exams

Age: From 16 years. The result ‘passed’ for your theory exam is valid for one and a half years.
What is tested? Hazard Recognition (Car) + Traffic Rules + Traffic Insight

Which language is possible? Dutch or English

Ordinary theory exam € 42.00
lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and is without sound)

Extended theory exam € 54.00 (takes about 45 minutes and includes sound)
For the hazard perception part (automobile) the time remains the same and this part is without sound. With the Traffic Rules + Traffic Insight section you do have sound and you get longer time per question. If you have trouble reading, for example because of dyslexia or if you need more time. Do you have a dyslexia statement? Then you can reclaim the costs for the surcharge.

Individual theory exam € 100.00
You sit in a separate room and the exam is read by someone from the CBR, it takes about 45 minutes. For when you need more time / or guidance, for example with fear of failure or a cognitive disorder such as autism or PDD-nos) or if you want to take an exam in a language other than Dutch or English. Do you want to take the exam in a language other than Dutch?

Then you have to arrange an official interpreter. This can be done via TolkenNet. Do this at least 2 weeks before the exam date. You will not receive a refund for this exam.

With the one-day theory course we train you quickly and responsibly for the CBR theory exam. Here you will receive classroom training in, among other things, regulations, hazard perception, knowledge and traffic signs. We help you gain insight into traffic situations.

NB! Your registration for the course is only final after a confirmation email.

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